advancementIf you are a Life Scout in Chisholm Trail District, and you are having trouble finding an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project, don’t despair. Eagle Scout Projects are available…county, city, and community non-profit organizations in the Williamson County/Travis County area have projects ready for you to do. Here are four excellent sources of Eagle Scout Leadership Service Projects which include funding by the non-profit organization:

  1. City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department
    • 301 W. Bagdad Street, Suite 250, Round Rock, TX 78664
    • Contact: Randy Gordon, Parks Manager
    • Phone: (512)218-5540 Direct line: (512)341-3340
    • Website
  2. Williamson County Parks and Recreation Department
    • 350 Discovery Blvd, Suite 207, Cedar Park, Texas 78613
    • Contact: Gary Boyd, Director
    • Phone: (512)260-4226 Direct line: (512)260-4226
    • Website
  3. Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District
    • 16318 Great Oaks Drive, Round Rock, TX 78681
    • Contact: Rachel Hagan
    • Phone: (512)255-7871 Direct line: (512)388-5607
    • Website
  4. Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farm
    • 10621 Pioneer Farms Drive, Austin, Texas 78754
    • Contact: Mike Ward or Miss Celeste
    • Phone: (512)837-1215
    • Website

Chisholm Trail (CT) Advancement Committee Overview

The Chishold Trail Advancement Committee provides support for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing advancement. There are three subcommittees: Eagle Scout Advancement, Chisholm Trail Belt Loop Bonanza, and Chisholm Trail Merit Badge Fair.

The goal of the Eagle Scout Advancement subcommittee is to provide advice to units on Eagle Scout Advancement questions, review and approve Eagle Scout Service plans, and lead / conduct Eagle Scout candidate boards of review.

The goal of the Chisholm Trail Belt Loop Bonanza subcommittee is to organize and and lead the annual Belt Loop Bonanza event in support of Cub Scout Advancement. This event is also intended to support the CT Membership committee and the CT Activities committee.

The goal of the Chisholm Trail Merit Badge Fair subcommittee is to organize and lead the annual Merit Badge Fair event in support Boy Scout Advancement. This event is also intended to support the CT Activities committee.

In addition to these specific subcommittees, the CT Advancement Committee is charged with promoting advancement throughout the entire scouting program. This includes promoting advancement, providing guidance on advancement procedures for individual units and the district in general, supporting the CT Training committee for advancement procedures, and recommend youth members and unit / district scouters for special awards and recognition.

Position Name Email
Advancement Chairperson Jeff Scruggs
Eagle Subcommittee Chairperson David Moore
Merit Badge Fair Chairperson Sam Summers
Cub Scout Advancement Greg Rabaey
Boy Scout Advancement (not Life to Eagle) Jeff Scruggs
Venturing Advancement Open


Name Home Cell Email Coverage
David Moore must login to see must login to see T-145, T-154, T-157, T-162, T-513, and other units as needed
Don Pettke must login to see must login to see T-165, T-365 and west side of Round Rock
Ed Seidenberg must login to see must login to see T-97, T-146, T-159 and West Side of District
Dan Millett must login to see must login to see”> Chisholm Trail District LDS units
Rusty Shepard must login to see must login to see T-27 & T-345 and east side of Round Rock
Trey Walls must login to see must login to see T-164, T-259 & west side of District